A page can include up to three elements before I charge for another page. An element just means a section like "Contact" or "Gallery." If you use my home page as an example, it has four elements: title, about me, gallery, contact. So that would be charged as two pages. If you look at my photos page in the gallery, each new group of photos would be considered an element. If you have any confusion about it, don't worry! I can clarify the specifics of your project with you, but hopefully, this gives you a basic idea of what the price would be.

What's NOT

Domain names for websites and the hosting service both cost money. Those expenses are NOT included in my fee. The hosting service would be the price Wix (or any other website) charges for allowing you to design a website. The domain name is the actual name of your website, the main part of your URL. The domain can be purchased through Wix as well, or through a separate company (probably the most simple to use Wix for both but it is up to you). I can help you navigate these things, but once again, those expenses are NOT included in my fee.

What's needed
from you

To get started, just click the button to the right and you'll be sent to a Google form that will give Jisel some information she will need from you about where to start. You can give her some ideas as to what your vision is. Be prepared with any photos or videos you would like incorporated into your website. You'll need to send those to me, whether through Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail, etc. Also, you will be setting up a Wix account and giving me the username and password. This is something I can help you with but it will be your username and password so that you can access it anytime you'd like.

Want to ask questions first?